Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TPC-C Testing Result

Test on Single Computer

     Although one of the purposes of this project is to build a remote testing framework, it is very necessary to build a base line of each computer. The results of tests on each computer can be used to analysis the data in later stages. For example, if the response time of remote test is longer than response time on single computer, it is very possible that the internet limit the performance. But it is impossible to get such conclusion without the test each computer independently.
     First of all, the capacity of each compute had to be tested, since it could help to make decisions in the later stages. The usage rate of both CPUs and Memories were recorded with different number of threads ran. The table 4.6 is the record of all tests.

           Figure 4.5 was generated with the data from Table 4.6. It is clear that the increasing rate of usage rates of CPUs slow down with the increasing of number of simulated clients. Both CPUs are capable with the tests, and can afford very large number of clients.These independent tests indicate a start point for following tests. The computers can afford large number of client, it is not necessary to start the test with small numbers. One reasonable number of clients will be 20.

Project Achievements

  • Created TPC-Cˇs database schema in MySQL
  • Connected MySQL database by using ODBC
  • Implemented TPC-Cˇs database population by using JDBC
  • Implemented TPC-Cˇs transactions which interact with TPC-Cˇs database
  • Testing and debugging before deployment
  • Developed EJB by using JBoss to host the server for transactions
  • Connected local client with EJB server
  • Connected remote client with EJB server
  • Monitoring the result provided by EJB server
  • Developed Web Server by using Tomcat to host the server for transactions
  • Connected local client with Web Server
  • Monitoring the result provided
  • Integrate server with GUI

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ReadMe For Web Service

Today I was written the read me file for Web Service set up which contain the following features:

  • Tomcat set up
  • Add the JDK to the tomcat server
  • Import project to eclipse
  • Add project to Tomcat
  • Start Tomcat
  • run project
  • get result

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Read Me file for EJB

Today I had finish the Read Me file for EJB component and sent both Read me files of EJB and DATA LOADING componets to Dr.Shi Ping Chen and he is very satisfied with these two files. Then I am going to start the report soon.