Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Read Me for database load

Today I finished the read me file for TPC LOADING DATA part which is introduced following features:
        1: Set up MySQL
        2: Use ODBC to connect java code and MySQL
        3: Create database tables
        4: Loading data into the database table.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For next meeting

   -          An integration test, i.e. from the front GUI to the TPC-C Server;
-          Tell me how to generate the random ‘runtime arguments’ during the tests according to the TPC-C rules (please refer to the TPC-C specification and the C# code that I gave you)

There are two main points we will discuss with Dr.ShiPing Chen at next meeting.


During last week project meeting I was showing the completed web service TPC to Dr.ShiPing Chen. And he is very satisfied with my work.

Work for coming weeks:

  •           Write the ReadMe file -> about how to set up TPC back-end.
  •           Help front-end
  •           Integration