Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Meeting for first demo

Today we had a first Demo after Dr.ShiPing Chen came back from oversea.

For back-end system I showed Dr.ShiPing Chen how can I use the JDBC to create TPC-C tables and how to automatically generate input data with given warehouse number. This is working very good for MySQL database. 

However create table format for each database platform are different so this code can only work for MySQL database platform. After everything working fine with MySQL we may improve the code later on so it can work in other database platform as well (for example sql server, Oracle...)

Also I showed him 5 main transactions as well, each one is done by following the transaction's specification and I did unit testing for every single function which I had created in order to make sure functions are working as it is intended. However I did not do the unit test for the hold transaction so I will to test it and show him next time. 

For next following weeks I need to put 5 transactions into glassfish container so it can allow simulate users to access my function concurrently.

Before I didn't learn anything relate to glassfish and the EJB things so I think this will be a big challenge for me and need taking time to learn it.

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