Monday, November 12, 2012

Project conclusion

     The computer is becoming more and more important. Therefore to find a best tool or framework for measuring performance is becoming essential work as well. Therefore the performance testing tools are widely use in industry.

     TPC does the good job in this area it helps user to measuring performance result for both hardware and software. But most of current TPC performance tools or frameworks are too expensive and very complicate. They are very hard to use. In order to provide the best result testers need a long time for training to learn how to use the tools. So performance testing become a costly and timing consuming activity in software development.
     Our TPC-C benchmark is aim to provide as open source tool for any users. With an easy to use interface provided therefore it can be used for any levels of users even the person who has no programming experience at all can use it as well. So it don’t need to take a long time to learn reduce time cost and because our TPC-C is open source free to use so it can be saved a lot of money by using our framework.

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